Automorphic Techniques in Arithmetic Geometry


So-called automorphic techniques play a dominating role in modern number theory and arithmetic geometry. The foundation of this is the expectation that deep number-theoretic problems are able to be tackled by being reformulated into problems of automorphic representation theory of reductive algebraic groups.

The participating work groups in Berlin, Budapest and Vienna each have a specific focus in this highly topical research field; these focuses complement one another very well.

Our goal is to exchange this specialist knowledge and to make it mutually available, above all, to be able to ensure students and talented young scientists have the broad education which is essential for research in this field. The first PhD exchange has already taken place; we consider this our most significant tool. Additionally, there are to be short guest stays for the participating scientists at the partner universities, on the one hand to give short lectures, and on the other hand to promote collaborative scientific work.