Central Europe - what unites and divides us?


A broad, cross-cutting CENTRAL theme will set the agenda for vivid academic discussion across the CENTRAL partner universities, and beyond. Asking a question of wider societal and/or political relevance, to the CEE region in particular, we join forces in answering it. 

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CENTRAL Ambassadors

The network gets wholehearted support by a group of CENTRAL Ambassadors. They raise its visibility among their national and regional stakeholders, thus reinforcing our objective to become the foremost platform for academic discussion and exchange in Central Europe.

Outreach Activities

Along the lines of universities’ Third mission, we are eager to open up the academic discourse to wider audiences and see the debate reflected in manifold outreach activities. These may take place on a national or regional level, ranging from public events to media cooperation.

The Third Mission

There is a call for universities to contribute to society by making good use of their knowledge and output to address societal and economic challenges. This ‘Third Mission’ completes two traditional purposes of academic institutions: Research and Teaching.

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