Owing to strong and long-standing cultural, political and geographical links, the five CENTRAL partner universities traditionally feature a sense of shared identity. Founded at the initiative of Humboldt University Berlin in 2014, the CENTRAL network has reinforced this existing structure of regional ties.



Charles University

Charles University was founded  in 1348, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. Yet it is renowned as a modern, dynamic and cosmopolitan institution of higher education.

It is the largest and most prestigious university in the Czech Republic, as well as the best rated in the country, according to international rankings. It achieves high standards of excellence in joint international research projects and is a member of diverse international organisations and university networks, e.g. the 4EU+ European University Alliance.

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Jaromír Soukup

T: +420 224 491 611

Facts and Figures

  • Location: Prague
  • Founded: 1348
  • Faculties: 17
  • Students: ~ 50,000
  • Researchers:  ~ 4,000
Our characteristic
"Open-mindedness meets tradition"

Eötvös Loránd University

Founded in 1635, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is the oldest, largest as well as most prestigious university in Hungary. As the leading higher education and research institution in Hungary, it draws academics from all over the country, and beyond. The name of ELTE stands for “knowledge”, “opportunities”, “competition”, “openness” and “community”. Driven by its standard of highest quality research, the university cultivates a strong focus on international networks and projects. 

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Katalin Igaz-Öhler
T: +36-1-411-6500/1385

Facts and Figures

  • Location: Budapest
  • Founded: 1635
  • Faculties: 9
  • Students: 27,000
  • Researchers: 
What makes us special
"We are particularly recognised for our innovative teaching methods."

Humboldt University

Founded 200 years ago, Humboldt University has been a pioneer academic institution: as the first to introduce the unity of research and teaching, to uphold the ideal of research without restrictions and to provide a comprehensive education for its students. Its international, interdisciplinary research and teaching approach has secured Humboldt University a leading position in German as well as international rankings.

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Stefan Karsch

T: +49 30 2093-46714

Facts and Figures

  • Founded: 1810
  • Faculties: 9
  • Students: 36,000
  • Researchers:  ~ 2,500
Our uniqueness
"Modern universities are grounded on our pioneer work"

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna was founded in 1365 and is the oldest university in the German-speaking world. With its long and rich history, it has developed into one of the largest and widely recognised universities in Europe, being particularly renowned in the Humanities. Austria’s top ranked academic institution has traditionally featured a global perspective, a fact that reflects in diverse international memberships and collaboration.

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Magdalena Lindorfer
T: +43-1-4277-18208

Facts and Figures

  • Founded: 1365
  • Faculties: 20
  • Students: 88,800
  • Researchers:  6,900
Special feature
"University of Vienna. Making a difference. Since 1365."

University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw, established in 1816, is the largest university in Poland. Standing out in national rankings as the top academic institution, it is also among the 3% of the world’s best universities. Its strong international focus is mirrored by its cooperation with over 800 international partners, as well as membership in the 4EU+ European University Alliance. International comparative evaluations show a very good quality of education, and its own monitoring programme demonstrates high satisfaction among the students and excellent job opportunities for graduates.

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Klementyna Kielak

T: +48 22 55 24 070

Facts and Figures

  • Founded: 1816
  • Faculties: 24
  • Students: 40,500
  • Employees: 7,500 
Our distinctive feature
"Best research center in Poland."