Law and Society in Times of Change: Theory and Praxis in Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Egypt I


The aim of the workshop is to find new and innovative ways to discuss the impact of regime changes on the implementation of law in the transition from Greek to Roman, and from Roman to Islamic Egypt.

To attain this goal, we will transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries and will draw on the experience of specialists of different fields such as legal history, classical philology, Papyrology, Egyptology and Ancient and Medieval history. The focus will be on the times of change – administrative, governmental, and religious –  and how they affected the legal system. As a case study for the Eastern Mediterranean, we are going to focus on everyday documents from Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic Egypt preserved on papyrus which provide unique glimpses into the everyday realities of legal practice.

  • Partners: Eötvös Loránd University – ELTE (Budapest), Humboldt University Berlin, University of Warsaw
  • Project Lead: Dr. Lajos Berkes, Humboldt University Berlin
  • Year: 2019