• Sports Event, 10th of October 2023 (Prague)
  • The fall of 2023 is going to be all about health for CENTRAL.
  • For those, who would like to dive deeper into the topics of health and fitness and hear from experts on different aspects, participate in a large scale the Sports Event on the 10th of October. 

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The League of Nations, founded in 1920, along with other world organizations (Nansen International...


(October 2023 - September 2027) Doctoral Program: Ancient Languages and Texts

The Graduate School...


In recent years, historians have turned to global socialism in order to explore the complex and...


Travel back in time and visit Vienna as well as many other European cities and their academic worlds...


The workshop aims to foster a dialogue between the researchers of Hegel and Wittgenstein and...


Two workshops and an interim meeting took place during the project The Central European languages in...

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CENTRAL is striving to be the Network of Excellence for Central Europe, approaching and propelling multifaceted issues – cultural, societal, economic. Read more

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