CENTRAL-Interviews on the Fall of the Iron Curtain

AUDIO | Interview with Jakub Rákosník

Forum Radio | A production of Charles University

On the 17th of November 2022 Czechs are marking the 33rd anniversary of the Velvet Revolution sparked when communist police brutally cracked down on students on 17 November 1989. Protests that erupted as a result swept the former regime from power and paved the way for a return to freedom and democracy. The once jailed dissident and playwright, Václav Havel, became Czechoslovakia’s first post-1989 president. How Czechs look back on those heady days now is the subject of today’s Forum Radio interview with well-known social historian, Neuron prize winner and associate professor, Jakub Rákosník.

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AUDIO | Interview with Jannis Panagiotidis

Production by the University of Vienna

Jannis Panagiotidis is a professor at the university of Vienna and scientific director of the research centre for the history of Transformation. One of his current projects is titled “Liberal global orders and freedom of movements and he guides a research project on post-soviet immigrant communities in Germany.

The CENTRAL-Network conducted an interview with Professor Panagiotidis on the fall of the Berlin Wall as well as other events, happening around 1989 and how they have relevance to our present day.

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