Does Europe understand Ukraine?

Integration of Ukrainian culture in the EU


The interdisciplinary and intergenerational workshop  address challenges facing the cultural integration of Ukrainians in the European Union following the 2022 Russian invasion. It will bring together experts from various research centres to discuss topics related to cultural, linguistic, and legal integration and the promotion of Ukrainian culture in Europe.

The first thematic block will address the challenges of Ukraine's integration with the European Union, with presentations on legal communication and public perception of displaced Ukrainians. The second block will address questions related to the Ukrainian language and its use. The third block will examine the role of institutions in the integration of Ukrainian citizens in EU countries, focusing on the role of universities, religious communities, and political communication. The fourth and final block will focus on the popularization of Ukrainian culture in Europe.

The ultimate goal is to identify the most important topics and plan joint research to develop concrete solutions for the integration of Ukrainian culture in the European Union.

Contact person:

Katarzyna Jakubowska-Krawczyk,PhD, Head of Department
University of Warsaw

CENTRAL partners:

Univ.- Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Mark Németh, Head - Department 
University of Vienna

Оxána Kovács, PhD
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest