Transformation of Memory Cultures and Politics


Within the CENTRAL project, in which the partners have been participating since 2016 with annual workshops, they will organize an onsite academic workshop in humanities and social sciences, entitled “Transformation of Memory Cultures and Politics”, taking place at the Humboldt University Berlin in March 2024. The event – organized by Prof. Christian Voss (HU)  in cooperation with doc. Kateřina Králová (CUNI Prague), dr. Jelena Dureinovic (Uni Wien), doc. Ildikó Barna (ELTE Budapest) and dr. Tomasz Rawski (Uni Warsaw) – will give the opportunity to present research of both senior and junior scholars, including Ph.D. students as the core group.

This workshop is a follow-up to the previous CENTRAL workshops that focused on discourses and narratives of victimhood concurrence, on public memory and the institutionalization of memory. This workshop will centre on the perspective of memory in the context of dynamic and diverse transformations of societies in Central and Southeast Europe. The workshop will, on the one hand, involve discussions on specificities of memory politics and cultures in post-conflict, post-socialist and transitional contexts in these regions and, on the other, aim at situating the case studies in the broader transcultural frameworks of the European memory culture and beyond. One of the core interests lies in the interface of cultural and communicative memories in these societies, where "memories of wars" still contest pluralistic views of the past. The workshop will also focus on sociopolitical and economic transformation processes and how they affect memory cultures as well as the role that memory politics play in them. The workshop brings together contributions discussing the conceptual approaches and challenges of studying memory in Central and Southeastern Europe and studying concrete sites of memory, mnemonic agents and commemorative practices.

Contact person:

Prof Christian Voss
Humboldt University Berlin

CENTRAL partners:

Associate Professor Kateřina Králová
Charles University, Prague

Dr. Jelena Dureinovic
University of Vienna

Associate Professor Ildikó Barna
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Assitant Professor Tomasz Rawski
University of Warsaw