Women in Analytic Philosophy. Past and Present

(c) Daniel Hertzberg

February 12-13, 2024 

Women were present in all centers of the early analytic philosophy, yet their contributions are still often overlooked and underexplored by historians of philosophy. This situation affects the way analytic philosophy is perceived.

Susan Stebbing was the editor of the journal “Analysis” and the author of excellent logic textbooks. In Vienna, Rose Rand and Olga Hahn-Neurath regularly took part in the meetings of Schlick’s circle. The Lvov-Warsaw School became famous for a large percentage of female members and for gender equality. Although the contribution of these thinkers to the early analytic philosophy has been partially established, there is still a lot do to in order to analyze their output and the role they played in their environments. 

The aim of the workshop is to present the results of previous work on the achievements of women in early analytic philosophy, and to discuss the forms of cooperation on documenting and popularizing these achievements.

Contact person:

Prof. Anna Brożek
University of Warsaw


CENTRAL partner:

Prof.Georg Schiemer
University of Vienna

Prof. Michael Beaney
Humboldt University of Berlin