Call for Testimonials

We would like to invite anyone who has participated in or organized a CENTRAL workshop to share their experiences! This way we can provide a plattform for workshop organizers to feature some experiences as well as create a space to get inspired.

Send in a short abstract on your experience and add a photo if you'd like.

Please feel free to contact us at


Take a look at some of the tesimonials CENTRAL published so far:

How CENTRAL helped us to develop real collaboration - Impressions by Tamás Görbe

Workshop "Tradition and Innovation" in Ancient Egypt - Impressions by Lonneke Delpeut


Topic and aims of the project: What Units and Divides us in Education in Europe?

(16-17 June 2022) The workshop aims to bring together a group of both established researchers as...

Borders de-fine by establishing differences between the inner and the outer. As the place of...

Queer has emerged as a

critical force that undermines normative structures and explores and...

The workshops will focus on understudied roots of the virtue ethics.

We live in an increasingly globalized world—but the prehistory of this status quo outside the West...